The Baseball Bluebook has published a directory each year since 1909. We have recently gone online and are currently providing the most comprehensive National Baseball Network available with the designed purpose of helping potential players and playing opportunities find each other.

  • We are in regular contact with every MLB Scouting department, providing a valued resource for their recruiting efforts
  • Over 98 % of all college baseball programs, at all levels of play, participate in our online Network to help us provide up-to-date contact and player information
  • We have hundreds of instructional / youth programs [such as the National Amateur Baseball Federation] actively participating in our online Network
  • Before too long, we will have over 250,000+ potential players profiled within our online Network, helping each of them review and find playing opportunities.

If you are a Baseball coach at any level and are not receiving emails from the Baseball Bluebook with instructions to update your program, please click on the Add Program button below.

  • Our service is free – your program will be promoted worldwide at no cost to you and provides parents, prospective players, scouts and other coaches your contact information.
  • We have over 20,000 baseball contacts and will add YOUR program at no cost.
  • What we have to offer - everything in one place!
  • We are the most comprehensive baseball directory available!

With our online subscription, you can access everything you need at your fingertips. There is no need to spend hours searching for the right contact!

Coach Select Players

Coach Select is a service that allows coaches to promote their players to others as ‘coach selected’ top prospects. Participating baseball programs across the country are providing us their program information as well as their top prospects which we allow recruiters to easily search in our on-line directory. Our customers include MLB clubs, college coaches, professional scouts, summer league personnel and other programs in search for the best players in the country.

How can we help?

We are constantly looking for ways to help baseball programs and players alike. With our comprehensive baseball directory, we have access to thousands of baseball coaches and programs across the country and internationally. Coaches are continually looking for players to fill their roster, be it a college coach, summer league coach or academy, top players are an important commodity.

The Baseball Bluebook provides a medium for coaches to post their top players or COACH SELECTED which we make available to college coaches, summer leagues, academies and scouts. Simply add/update your program and add your selected players to your programs information and the information will be available to those looking for players. This is a FREE service to all coaches actively providing updated information for our contact database.

The Baseball Bluebook will provide...

Free listing of your program in our on-line Directory

Each year we provide updated program information to our customers. We rely on the individual programs to help us keep our information current and up to date. For your cooperation in keeping your contact information current, we publish your information at no cost. This offers your program excellent exposure throughout the year.

Free Distribution of 'Coach Select' players

That's right, once we have your top prospects or coach selected players, we will distribute the list to college coaches and scouts across the country for FREE. The Head Coach of the program who provided the player will be the contact. This ensures the privacy of the player and also keeps the High School coach actively involved in the recruiting process. This will also allow High School coaches the ability to expand their contact base on open up additional opportunities for their program and players.

Access to our on-line directory

The Baseball Bluebook online directory provides instant access to over 20,000 baseball contacts in the industry. Our information is updated throughout the year by the programs helping to ensure accurate emails, phone numbers and the right contact for the program you are interested in.

What is your next step?

As a coach, we provide the opportunity to add your program to our database at no cost. If you have not received an email from the Baseball bluebook with instructions on how to add your program or coach selected top players, please click the 'Add Program' button below. Once the program is active, you will be able to access your record and add any players you would like.

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