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You may be looking for a college or baseball academy. Maybe finding a summer league team to play for is what you’re interested in. No matter what the level is, we have the information, and it’s now online for instant access from your laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone.

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With over 20,000 contacts, we have what you are looking for! Finding the right contacts take time. Making sure they are accurate, almost impossible. The baseball bluebook does this for you. Our list is the most comprehensive list available. We strive for accuracy of our contacts by verifying with the programs directly. Each record has the recorded date it was last updated. Do a search for all of the colleges in a single state or maybe a group of states. Our online search engine allows you to select the search you want.

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The baseball bluebook will help promote you. It's never too early to start promoting yourself. There are thousands of baseball programs looking for players. Some are on a tight budget to find the right players, so they turn to us. One of the most asked questions we receive from baseball players is "How do I get noticed?" This is not an easy question to answer but the Baseball Bluebook can help! We provide more than just the contacts you request, we will send your information to coaches and scouts directly. There is no cost for this – we work very hard to connect players with playing opportunities, free.

There are two powerful ways for you to gain recognition with recruiters and scouts

  • Through your coach for each/every playing opportunity you have had. Talk to your coach today and ask them if they have added their program to our National Baseball Network and have submitted your stats to our ‘Coach Select’ player tab. There is no cost for this.
  • Through a personal Profile that you can create on our National Baseball Network. There is no cost for this.

Just another way the Baseball Bluebook is helping you finding your next playing opportunity.

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