Our on-line National Baseball Network is FREE to high school and college baseball coaches.

The Baseball Bluebook has published a directory each year since 1909. We have recently gone on-line and provide the most comprehensive National Baseball Network available with the designed purpose of helping potential players and playing opportunities find each other. Over 95% of all college baseball programs participate in our on-line Network to provide up-to-date information.

Recruiting Assistance - Free

Coach Select is a service that allows coaches to promote their better players as ‘coach selected’ top prospects. We send this listing to MLB scouting departments. The Jr College player listing is sent to 4 year program. All FREE

We have hundreds of instructional / youth programs such as the National Amateur Baseball Federation (NABF) and high school programs adding PLAYER PROFILES to our on-line National Baseball Network.

  • Player Profiles include ratings, stats, academic/contact information, media and playing experiences.
  • We have partnered with the NABF to include player profiles for each of their 100,000+ players across the country
  • We are working with state associations to include players within their high school programs. Our goal is to work with every state high school baseball association
  • We partner with regional Showcases and Tournaments to help promote their event and to add Player Profiles

Access to Program Information - Free

The Baseball Bluebook online directory provides access to thousands of baseball contacts in the industry. Our information is updated throughout the year, helping to ensure accurate emails, phone numbers and the right contact for the program.

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If you are a Baseball Coach at the high school or college level, we can help promote your program and players.

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