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How can The Baseball Bluebook help?

FREE access for MLB scouts

The Baseball Bluebook provides FREE access to the MLB scouts. When the MLB Clubs provide their updated scout listing, we open our data for each scout to assist with their planning.

Finding the right contacts take time. Making sure they are accurate, is almost impossible. The baseball bluebook does this for you. Our list is the most comprehensive list available. We strive for accuracy of our contacts by verifying with the programs directly. Each record has the recorded date it was last updated.

You save time and effort with confidence

With over 15,000 contacts, we have what you are looking for!

We help College Recruiters/Coaches find potential players

The Baseball Bluebook provides FREE access to college baseball coaches for their state.

We encourage Community Colleges to list their ‘Coach Select’ players to help 4 year programs find seasoned / quality players.

We are making an extended effort to provide all high school baseball coaches free access to our college data with encouragement to list their ‘Coach Select’ players for all college and MLB scouts / recruiters.

Our goal is to help players at all levels of play find playing opportunities!

Each day we work hard to add player information & stats with contact information from colleges, academies, instructional programs, travel teams, high schools, etc in an effort to meet our goal.

Get Started Today!

If you are a MLB Scout, request that your Scouting Director submit your name and contact information to the Baseball Bluebook. As soon as we have your confirmed scouting status, we will set you up for FREE access. They have our direct email and phone contact information.

If you are a college baseball coach/recruiter, make sure your program information has been updated in our system and you will have FREE access to your state information.

Contact us with any questions you might have at

You can access everything from your laptop, tablet or Smartphone.